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Building System

Natural Habitat Homes are solid – they have survived tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters when most other homes have not.


Log home building system


Our homes are constructed with a simple tongue-and-groove building system making the building of your home easy.

The timber locks together when lengths are stacked on top of one another, with two beads of polyurethane caulk placed between each course, then they are reinforced with 30cm log screws every 60cms. Doors and windows are framed in as normal, with most of our homes topped by a conventional lofted or non-lofted roofing system topped with long-run iron or shingles. Most electrical wiring is run behind the interior window and door trim, with plumbing installed in interior stud partitions.


Natural Habitat Homes are fun and exciting to build as you will see the walls of your home go up quickly, and you can choose how much involvement you have in the building of your future dwelling.

We make getting a quality custom-made log home easy.