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Our Story

For many years we had wanted to build a natural timber home. There's just something magical about the unique look and smell of beautiful timber as it creates such a comfortable, homely atmosphere that really appealed to us.


Heather & Steve Kirner


We came close to building a timber home on a couple of occasions but as you know life has a way of changing things. Being an average kiwi family committing to a new home was the ultimate dream, and not wanting a typical run-of-the-mill house seemed fairly daunting...but sometimes you just have to follow your dream and make it happen!

A few years ago we chanced upon a home that we immediately liked, and like the owner of that home decided to investigate importing the materials ourselves. After a fair amount of 'googling' and some further investigation of some of the nicer options we found a source company in the United States that ticked all of the boxes, and who we immediately felt comfortable with on a personal level.

It all seemed a bit too good to be true, so off to America we went to see all of this for ourselves, and we were not to be disappointed. Within an hour of arriving at our destination we were standing in the most amazing display home, and two days later we were living in one of these homes on their ranch – what a privilege that was! Over two weeks we were made to feel very welcome, travelling around the various building sites, learning how to build timber homes in an efficient and quality manner, and meeting a whole lot of wonderful people. It was an amazing experience, and something we are very glad that we did!

So feeling very excited it was back to New Zealand to make all of the necessary arrangements. We found no problems with the Council regarding the product or build process, and after checking with an architect found that our proposed house actually exceeded all required regulations and standards. We decided that this was an opportunity that was just too good to pass up, so we decided to go for it. When the containers arrived we pitched our tent on site and with the great help of our builder we started our home.

It was so exciting to see our dream come true, made even more special by all our children being involved in the build at various stages. We love our natural timber home. In fact we are so happy with the end result (and it has worked out so well budget-wise) that we knew that these homes offered a great opportunity for other people like ourselves. So what started as a journey to build our own dream home has now turned into a new journey as a company, and we are very pleased to share our homes with you.

Heather & Steve Kirner

We are a friendly bunch and enjoy working with our clients to make their log home dreams come true.