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Our Timber

From Deadstanding to Outstanding!

Natural Habitat Homes are constructed from solid natural timber providing a safe environment for you and your family. 


 Deadstanding timber for log homes

Our timber primarily comes from dead-standing Engleman spruce found at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains. Beetle epidemics kill the trees but do not harm the wood, leaving a tree dead but still standing and sound. There at high altitudes trees stand for years, sometimes decades, and along with the dry climate and natural curing process these dead standing trees become dry, producing stable timber for homes.Natural Habitat Homes do not have to make allowances for drying and aging of the wood as this has occurred naturally with most of the timber being milled at less than 15% moisture content. Providing the walls of your home Engleman spruce takes on a new life – it’s beautiful, durable, and energy efficient. Western red cedar is commonly used for exterior trim, gable ends, porches and internal doors adding amazing texture, warmth, and that wonderful smell that only natural wood can offer.





The great thing about Natural Habitat Homes is that you can have the look you want, both externally and internally.

The timber is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes – from the look of a log home to a home that has flat timber interior and exterior walls.


 Timber profiles for log homes
Most profiles feature a double tongue-and-groove for a tight fit and a drip cap for shedding water. The best selling D-shaped log retains a rounded appearance on the outside with a flat interior face on the inside which provides decorating versatility. Log home connoisseurs appreciate the massive look of the double round log with rounded interior and exterior surfaces, or you may opt for the traditional Swedish Cope log with the coped bottom and an old-fashioned saddle notch corner system. If you prefer a more rugged appearance logs can be adze hewn or draw-knifed for the texture you desire. Interior logs are popular finishing items that add an individual touch and beauty throughout a home’s interior or in selected areas.


Typically interior partition framing is done conventionally offering you the finish of your choice including painted or wall papered walls, or interior log and wood paneling if you wish. Ceilings may be tongue-and-groove timber or conventional.



We make getting a quality custom made log home easy.