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The Look - Inside and Out

While logs and timber will set the amazing framework of your home a variety of building materials, textures and colours can be incorporated to make your home exciting, unique and filled with character inside and out.

On the inside how about adding beautiful wallpaper, painted walls, special stone and wood features, a variety of floor coverings and rugs, which will all give you the look you want – whether it be modern, rustic, country or just real funky.  Your ceilings may be tongue and groove or painted plaster.  This will all be highlighted with your choice of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and accessories, with your furniture and accessories completing the picture. This is what makes your home individual and very special.


For the look outside let’s start with your choice of log shape and size – D shape, round, rectangle (see our timber shapes and sizes information). What colour stain will you choose for your logs, or how about painted logs and stained or painted window sills and doors? Now what about roof angles - mono pitch, or hip roofs with high or low gables? These options will give you the look you want whether it be at the seaside, in the mountains, on a farm or in the city.


There is no need for any stress as the team at Natural Habitat Homes are here to help you achieve what you want right from go to whoa!


Inside Gallery

Outside Gallery

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