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What We Do

Natural Habitat Homes work with a well established company in the United States to source and import natural timber building material packages into New Zealand

import pre-cut natural timber building material


Founded in the 1970's this source company is a specialist timber supply/build organisation which supplies a large number of these beautiful timber homes every year.

Having travelled to the United States we met with the wider team and spent time visiting building sites over there, eventually importing and building our own log home which we love! Natural Habitat Homes have now established a close working relationship with this company and as a result we have intimate knowledge of what it takes to quickly and efficiently lead you through the design, import and build process to enable you to move into your own dream log home faster.


What will we do to make this happen?

  • We will work with you to plan your home, or the working environment that you require
  • The plans (ours or yours) will be drawn up with alterations made until they are exactly what you want
  • Once the plans are approved we will order the materials package complete to lock-up stage
  • All the importing details will be organised for you including customs, fumigation, documentation etc
  • We will arrange to have your materials delivered to your building site, ready to go
  • A Natural Habitat building crew will start your build, or you may wish to use your own builders 

We have been through this exciting adventure ourselves and look forward to making your experience even better than it was for us. Before you know it you will be living in your own Natural Habitat Home and loving every minute of it!

We have over 50 plans available for all requirements and budgets.