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Why Timber Homes?

Natural Habitat Homes look great, and their solid timber construction also provides some incredible benefits when building compared with more traditionally built houses.


Why Timber and Log Homes


The advantages of a solid timber home include superior energy efficiency, fire resistance, strength and minimal environmental impact to name a few. All of this means that you can feel 100% comfortable in your home knowing that you and your family will be warm, safe and protected, while also minimising the impact your home has had on our natural resources.


Energy Efficient

The thermal mass of solid timber walls stores heat in the winter and remains cooler in the summer. Compared with other building materials timber also has low thermal conductivity which is an advantage when designing a building with high resistance to heat flow. All of this means that minimal external energy is needed to keep your home warm and comfortable, no matter what the season.


Fire Resistant

The solid mass of wood in a solid timber wall is difficult to ignite resulting in a fire spreading slower than it would in a conventionally framed house which has air space between the studs. Even though wood does burn, the contribution from the timber building materials to the fire load is usually small compared with that of the contents of the building (the main source of fuel).


Strong & Safe

Lengths of solid timber locked, caulked and screwed together make for an incredibly strong and resilient structure. Natural Habitat Homes have withstood the many forces of nature that have been thrown at them including tornadoes and earthquakes. Add this to the flexibility and ‘memory’ of timber and you will have a home that you and your family will feel extremely safe to live in.


Environmentally Sustainable

Forests are a renewable natural resource yielding precious resources for generations to come. The timber for Natural Habitat Homes comes from a company that works hand-in-hand with the US Forest Service. The loggers carefully fell the dead trees taking maximum care to leave the young green understory undisturbed. Every part of the felled tree is used providing fencing, firewood, sawdust and shavings for garden mulch or livestock bedding. When logging has been completed in an area their logging roads are eliminated, or improved to allow holiday-makers, fisherman or hunters access to national forests.

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